Dear PropTech friends. Due to Covid-19, we decided to postpone Friendly Buildings 2020 and we are looking forward to meeting you all in 2021. It was not an easy decision, but we believe safety comes first and it is more enjoyable to meet personally and without masks. Hopefully, next year it will be possible again. Till that time, you can watch inspiring videos from last year.
2019 Czech PropTech conference
about innovation, technology and modern buildings.
2nd edition - 24. 10. 2019 | Prague | SPACES

Friendly and No Bullshit Meetup

Friendly Buildings is an international conference for all PropTech and Real Estate lovers. The main topic of the second edition was the users and their experience from designing, managing, analyzing or simply using the buildings.

An afternoon cocktail made of great speakers, exciting topics, no clichés and an afterparty on a rooftop terrace with a splendid view together gathered more than 120 guests from the major players of the industry. 9 keynote speakers, 2 panel discussions and also a presentation of 3 important news:

  • In a stress test, all participants enjoyed Sharry Europe's product solution for intuitive and clever guest management system, replacing usual tickets and locker tokens.
  • CBRE presented the results of its European PropTech Index 2019 Survey for the first time.
  • The conference was also the opening event of the newly designed coworking office SPACES in Prague near Národní třída.

Friendly speakers

  • Eva Le Peutrec
  • E-studio
  • Neil McLocklin
  • Knight Frank
  • Bernard Storch
  • PLP Architecture
  • Ferdinand Leffler
  • Atelier Flera
  • Hynek Medřický
  • Spectrasol
  • Marián Beňo
  • Innovatrics
  • Rozálie Kašparová
  • IPR
  • Zdeněk Brisuda
  • Wiesner-Hager
  • Jana Prokopcová
  • CBRE
Michal bako
  • Michal Bako
  • EMU
Ladislav Veselý
  • Ladislav Veselý
  • Slevomat
Miloslav Tuček
  • Miloslav Tuček
  • Česká spořitelna
Matyáš Procházka
  • Matyáš Procházka
  • Colliers
Petr  Machula
  • Petr Machula
  • Savills
Petra Stiller
  • Petra Stiller
  • MVGM

Our friendly hosts

  • Michael Mareš
  • Forbes
  • Ivo Hrdina
  • JuiceUP
  • Josef Šachta
  • Sharry Europe


  • 13:00 - 13:30

    Open door & coffee

  • 13:30 - 14:10

    Welcome word

  • Speaker
    14:10 - 14:30

    Bernard Storch

    Space, Place, Innovation: Fostering creativity in workplace environment

    Emerging technologies and digital realities are increasingly interwoven with human society and they have profound effects on the way we communicate and interact with each other. In the workplace, the nature of work and the type of skills that are needed for the future are changing. Human creativity that can drive innovation is the asset of tomorrow. Built environment needs to react and be adaptable to future shifts in the way we use spaces and the way we organise our workplace. We are excited about the effects and impact that technology has on buildings, but our focus is always on human beings. We design buildings for people, not for technology. We see technology and buildings as platforms that can enable people to thrive at doing what they do best. Our goal is to design spaces that bring meaningful and transformative experiences.

  • Speaker
    14:30 - 14:50

    Ferdinand Leffler

    Parks are for people!

    What is the sustainability in the contemporary urban landscape architecture? What does a developer expect from an architect and what does a client expect from a developer? Social aspects inside of the new development projects.

  • Speaker
    14:50 - 15:10

    Rozálie Kašparová

    Building (un)friendly to its surroundings

    Every building has its context. A truly friendly building must be friendly also to its surroundings. When a building is friendly to its city? Are we able to figure it out? Are there any rules for that? Is the society as a whole influenced by it? And the individuals? This talk aspires to make you look at buildings and public spaces in a way that will change your city strolls forever.

  • Speaker
    15:15 - 15:45

    panel-discussion - Ivo Hrdina

    Friendly Buildings and the satisfaction of people working inside them

    • - Michal Bako (EMU)
    • - Ladislav Veselý (Slevomat)
    • - Miloslav Tuček (Česká spořitelna)
  • 15:45 - 16:00

    Coffee break

  • Speaker
    16:00 - 16:20

    Jana Prokopcová

    How smart are our offices and what do end users desire?

    CBRE has undertaken a study in Central and Eastern Europe region (CEE) to find answers to the following questions. SMART BUILDING (PROPERTY OWNER / MANAGER PERSPECTIVE): What are the market trends? What is the level of innovation used in office buildings for increasing asset operation and enhancing the occupier experience? How technologically advanced are office buildings in the capital cities of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia? What makes a building attractive in terms of new technology? TENANT (COMPANY) EXPERIENCE: Which digital functionalities are offered to tenants by office building owners? What are the digital needs of our employees? What can the tenant (company) offer in terms of new Proptech solutions in the workspace to attract employees?

  • Speaker
    16:20 - 16:40

    Marián Beňo

    Seamless Access Control powered by Facial Recognition

    Thanks to technology, smart phones, smart watches, and even smart refrigerators are part of our daily routine. But can buildings be smart too? If your friend is able to recognize you by merely looking at you, can a building do the same? Facial recognition technology powered by machine learning and neural networks allows you to detect and identify people with almost 100% accuracy. Such technology can empower a building to be accessible to its tenants and visitors with seamless restrictions and obscurity, so it becomes more friendly and welcoming. In my presentation, Seamless Access Control powered by Facial Recognition, I will talk about current trends, challenges, and future expectations.

  • Speaker
    16:40 - 17:00

    Neil McLocklin

    Using data to enhance experience of all building's users

    The importance of providing a great experience for occupiers to attract the best talent and for landlords to attract the best tenants and highest rents. The data sources available in existing buildings as well as smarter Internet of Things (IOT) enabled Buildings. Key metrics to measure experience. The importance of marginal gains to enhance experience.

  • Speaker
    17:05 - 17:15

    Ondřej Langr

    Unique visitor experience by Sharry Europe

  • 17:15 - 17:30


  • 17:30 - 17:50

    Coffee break

  • Speaker
    17:50 - 18:10

    Eva Le Peutrec

    Is friendliness of the building culturally transferrable? Key elements of designing a Friendly Building

    Do we really know what friendly buildings are or are we judging it based on our cultural and socioeconomic background? Why there are places where we feel comfortable and others that we try to avoid? How to design places that support analytical thinking and how to design those that make you more creative. Can open space be popular? What will bring the future with the VR and what impact it will have on our lives? What are the principal elements for designing a Friendly Building? We will find the answers together 24th October.

  • Speaker
    18:10 - 18:30

    Zdeněk Brisuda

    The future of work and offices

    How do "modern offices" look like? Each company has its own opinion, but they're mostly influenced by general ideas and trends. Building of new workspaces then focuses more on the external aspects instead of function. Modern office reflects both visible and hidden needs of concrete company. It's necessary for companies to define an identity, to know their technologies for all processes and embeded emotions before building a new workspace. Modern office is tailor-made to company as a whole as well as to all individuals and their needs. How is the workspace going to change? And what changes are there for working itself?

  • Speaker
    18:30 - 18:50

    Hynek Medřický & Daniel Jesenský

    Lighting, Light and its Effects on People

    Humans as diurnal animals have evolved so that exposure to daylight enables their body and brain to achieve a state of full activity, ie. the highest state of alertness, concentration, effectivity of memory recall and storage and the highest cognitive performance of the brain, as well reaching highest metabolic rates, physical performance, and wellbeing. For the first time in history, the developments in LED technology nowadays enable us to simulate the beneficial impacts of staying outdoors in daylight, using artificial lighting indoors. To achieve the desired alertness and performance boost, it is however necessary to cherry-pick suitable lightsources and components, and to select their location and direction correctly, to create artificial lighting that is sufficiantly even, bright, has effective spectral power distribution and high colour rendering index, while avoiding flicker and glare. Pro-cognitive lighting is capable of achieving just that, thanks to the use of cutting-edge LED chips with highly specific parameters. Apart from maximum boost of the human body and brain performance, pro-cognitive lighting brings further benefits to well-lit buildings' occupants by supporting serotonin production, which in the evening can get converted to melatonin, the hormone necessary for healthy sleep and successful night-time regeneration and immunity processes.

  • Speaker
    18:55 - 19:25

    panel-discussion - Josef Šachta

    Future of property management

    • - Matyáš Procházka (Colliers)
    • - Petr Machula (Savills)
    • - Petra Stiller (MVGM)
  • 19:30 - 23:30

    Friendly networking party with banquet on a terrace

What will be next?

Friendly Buildings is now established as an event for people who are obsessed with buildings and how buildings work from a variety of angles. “We are considering extending this brand by smaller meetups focused on one topic,” outlines Josef Šachta.

This new format was premiered in January 2019 in New York. At VentureOut in the New York City the discussion was not only about PropTech innovations. The panel discussion was moderated by Bill Staniford, former CEO of PropertyShark.

Lukáš Rozmajzl
Kateřina Hellebrandová